“The meaning of the meaningless.” is the most important phrase in my artwork.

Everything is to be doubted through the art.
By consistently imagining and questioning, you could enjoy. 
The objects in my artwork have differentiated meaning, 
which is expected to provide new insights to the viewers.

Mar. Group Exhibition, Bombit Modern Art, Leesoogallery, Seoul
Oct. Illustration, Baby PinkPong Video Clips, Smart Study
Nov. Illustration, Poop Song Video Clips, Illuni

April. Illustration, Wink Child Book, Danbi Edu
May. Group Exhibition, PLAS Art Show, Coex, Seoul
June. Group Exhibition, The Scenery Outside of Window, Spatial Online Gallery, Rythmical NFT Club
June. Group Exhibition, Flower Power Digital Art, Pictorium, Korean Stone Museum, Seoul

Road map
PFP art 'NOBODY project'
2022 Summer

Yellow bear NOBODY is everyone.
You can enjoy NOBODY with various appearances.
Art book ‘Dear, NOBODY’
2023 Spring

Yellow bear NOBODY’s story is coming.
Only first 1000 people could get NOBODY NFT pfp art.
Random Box ‘NOBODY’s present’
             2023 Summer


NOBODY send a present to you.                 
Guess what in the gift box.
Space exhibition ’NOBODY’s room’
​​2023 Winter

NOBODY’s room become real space.     
You can be NOBODY.